About Zuri


Zuri is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Personal Transformation Specialist in the State of Maryland, providing customized therapeutic massage, cupping, energy healing, and wellness consulting to the community. Zuri's mission is to share her positive energy, knowledge, and skills to support a healthy, balanced lifestyle for others.


After receiving her Bachelor of Science in Health Education with a concentration in Community Health, Zuri obtained her Master of Business Administration with a focus in Management.  She then went on to graduate from Cortiva Institute where she learned the art of massage before becoming a certified wellness consultant by Health Coach Institute. 


Zuri utilizes her knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology and leans on her empathic abilities to provide a variety of wonderful treatments that are effective. Those that seek to relax the body to the point of sleep or to ease the body from physical, mental, and/or emotional discomfort would benefit from Zuri's therapeutic touch and healing energy through massage. Zuri provides Quantum Touch and Chakra Balancing energy sessions that are geared to those who are in chronic musculoskeletal pain and/or those who are open and willing to receive assistance to heal their bodies through energy work. Pain Management treatments are provided in-office through the modality of cupping. Zuri's expertise as a Personal Transformation Specialist is offered one-on-one virtually to help clients overcome specific blockages to their personal growth.